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Don’t be a victim of “lazy eye” syndrome!

Over time golfers’ eyes adjust to what they see and their focus is diminished making alignment more challenging.  This explains why golfers typically do well when they try a new putter because they are more focused on seeing the line.

The Happy Putter Tour Series solves this dilemma. Now golfers can change their alignment guides to keep their eyes “fresh” and the putter’s feel and roll remain consistent.

Keep your focus sharp and your alignment precise with the Happy Putter Tour Series.

How to make Adjustments to Your Happy Putter

Why? Because you don't have a tour
van following you around.

Tour players are tweaking their putters all the time, based on changing conditions of the greens and subtle changes in their mechanics. The pros have the luxury of “dialing in their putter”—and now you can, too. The Happy Putter is here, with complete adjustability in four major ways. You can compensate for any tendencies in your stroke, or adjust it to match green conditions. Get a Happy Putter. Become a happy putter.

Choose the style that makes you happy.

Tour Series


$349.99 - Stock Lengths (34” & 35”)
$369.99 - Custom Lengths
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$349.99 - Stock Lengths (34” & 35”)
$369.99 - Custom Lengths
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Specifications - USA:
  • 3 Alignment Guides
  • 3 Lofts included: Low (1 degree), Standard (3.5 degrees), and High (6 degrees)
  • 3 Lie positions included: Flat (68 degrees), Standard (71 degrees), and Up (74 degrees)
  • 3 Offset positions included: Zero shaft, half shaft, and full shaft
  • 2 Weights included: Standard (15g), and Heavy (30g)
  • Torque Wrench
  • Standard Pistol Grip
  • Headcover included

Eye Align Series


$129.99 - Stock Lengths (34” & 35”)
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$129.99 - Stock Lengths (34” & 35”)
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  • 3 Alignment Guides
  • 2 Sets of Sole Weights

Why correct putter setup is so important.

Putting accuracy is dependent on a number of factors—picking the right line and speed for the putt is important for sure, but equally important is making sure the putter is in the correct position at impact. This is where loft, lie angle, offset position, face impact location, weight distribution, and even course conditions (speed of the greens, different types of grass) all come into play.

The Happy Putter allows you to adjust the putter to compensate for the tendencies that may be causing you to miss putts. And for the first time, you can “dial in” your putter to match green conditions on any given day.

The Happy Putter Adjustability Guide App

Download your free Happy Putter Adjustment Guide!
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Professional golfers have always had a distinct advantage when it comes to adjustability - it's called a tour rep. The ability to adjust to changes conditions of the game provide a proven and noticeable advantage over the average consumer - until now. The Happy Putter allows regular golfers access to a tour proven technology and gives them the ability to adjust their putters to match their stroke tendencies and changing playing conditions. This app is the consumer’s Adjustability Guide explaining how adjustability can help improve putting, how to make changes to the Happy Putter, and when you should make those changes. :) PUTT HAPPY


Don't putt angry. Putt happy.

There’s no need to get upset with your putter or upset with yourself. The Happy Putter is here. The Happy Putter allows you to adjust the putter to compensate for any tendencies that may be causing you to miss putts. The pros have the luxury of having a “different putter every day”—adjusted to their specific daily play—and now you can, too. We’re bringing the happy to putting.

Learn More About the Brainstorm Golf Story

The Happy Putter was created by people who are never happier than when they’re creating golf clubs. People with years of experience at brands like Odyssey Golf, Never Compromise, Titleist and Cobra.

Adjust everything. Even your attitude.

Don’t let inconsistent putting ruin an otherwise perfect day on the course. Now you can tailor your putter to your putting stroke, and match your putter to the putting conditions. The Happy Putter is the completely adjustable putter—and we do mean completely— in four possible ways. Try a Happy Putter. Be a happy putter.

Happiness is …being named to the 2015 Golf Digest Hot List!

Are you already putting happy? Congrats! You can brag about being a trendsetter. If you don‘t own a happy putter yet, buy one now and start sinking more putts!


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